We need your help - be a part of the new album "La Bluesicana"

The band and I are excited and proud to let you know we’re working on a brand new album of all-original Memphis music, and would love for you to be a part of creating it! Click on this link to check out the campaign, contribute, or order an advance copy. The clock is rolling. We have 60 days to reach our goal! 
This will be quite a notable release, and a memorable experience for both the band and our fans.  During the songwriting, I’ve allowed these tunes to head in whichever direction they seemed to “want”- something I’ve learned to “let happen”.  For this reason, these new songs, like Memphis music, boast a wide variety of styles, influences, and textures.  Although firmly rooted in the blues, the songs are more than mere shuffles- hence the title “La Bluesicana”.  
While we are indeed accepting orders for advance copies of this album, there are many more ways for you to participate in the making of this new record. We are offering some cool packages of music and merchandise as incentive for our friends who would like to join us in the experience the making of an album.  Depending on your level of contribution, we offer CD’s, shotglasses, T-shirts, original artwork, your name in the album’s liner notes, all the way up to having the Eric Hughes Band come perform at your party!   
Please check out the campaign page for more information on how to donate. Feel free to listen to some of the new songs as well, which we perform live as a sneak preview!

I can’t thank you enough for your support, and for enjoying my music. 

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